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I feel terrible about it but my ultimate fantasy is being taken by several strangers. I know it's not something I should want, but I do. I want to be held down or tied up. Then I want to be used. Not too painfully. But still used. Turns me on just thinking about men using me for their pleasure...

Nov 16 '14 · Comments: 1
Husband's Little Brother I've been having dreams about my husband's little brother. He's not little per se, we're only 4 years apart and he's old enough to buy alcohol.

But I've been having dreams where I seduce him. The other night I dreamt everyone encouraged us to make out for fun, but I made it even better with lots of tongue and passion to leave him wanting more.

Then last night I dreamt we were all in a cabin together and I was trying to lure him away from everyone so he could try and get some, but he was worried about his brothers finding out.

I've never thought about him sexually before, but I know he likes me and while I'm pretty reserved when I do get talking I am pretty flirty. But now with the idea that he likes me, and the weird feelings cause by the dreams, I'm worried I'll feel a bit more prone to teasing, and teasing always turns me on. This is no good.
Nov 16 '14 · Comments: 1

i"m in love with my brothers wife

Nov 16 '14 · Rate: 3 · Comments: 1

I am madly in love with the lady at me corner store
I find excuses just to go there and buy something
she is so pretty I am to shy to ask her out

Oct 24 '14 · Rate: 4.50 · Comments: 2

i'm a very shy girl ans sometimes i dream of kissing another girl 
but i'm way to scared to do in real life 

Oct 24 '14 · Rate: 4 · Comments: 3

I have sex with my wife's younger sister every weekend

Oct 21 '14 · Comments: 3

I'm a girl and I always wanted to kiss another girl
I have even dreamed of doing it but in real life I'm to scared

Oct 21 '14 · Comments: 1

When I was younger I use to steel lolly pops from the corner store

Oct 18 '14 · Rate: 4 · Tags: lolly pops
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